Charlottesville Last Minute Shopping

Small shops in Charlottesville, VA

For last-minute Christmas shopping in Charlottesville, VA, consider these top 10 small stores:

  1. Agents in Style: Luxury consignment store with high-end brands.
  2. BitterSweet: Chic boutique with locally designed clothes and jewelry.
  3. Bottle House: Wine shop offering quality selections and tastings.
  4. Brigid & Bess: Unique decor and artisan items, perfect for gifting.
  5. Darling Boutique and Dashing: Secondhand and artisan combo store for sustainable fashion and gifts.
  6. Rock Paper Scissors: Custom paper store ideal for unique invitations and gifts.
  7. C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery: Offers local art, crafts, and unique handmade gifts.
  8. Derriere de Soie: Lingerie boutique for luxurious and intimate gifts.
  9. O’Suzannah: Quaint store with an eclectic mix of gifts, stationery, and home goods.
  10. Telegraph Art & Comics: Perfect for comic book enthusiasts and art lovers.

These stores offer a diverse range of options for all tastes, ensuring a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.